Charles  Shiels, the creative process

Charles Shiels fascinating creative process, would start to take shape in a small sketch  book. He always carry one with him, normally an A6 sketch book. His  endless doodles will eventually develop onto a more recognisable shape,  character, building or object.

The  story behind a potential painting will mature along side his charming drawings. Most of  the time, Charlie would have found inspiration or reference, in a particular  building, whether an outside or interior view; it could also be a peculiar  object or character who have caught his attention and triggered his  imagination. When a  doodle had a follow up of more identifiable drawings, things tended to get very  exciting and fun for Charlie. This was the pure moment of creation. Charlie felt  the urge to 'get it right' before this drawing could become a painting.

After  several drawings he will reach the state of deciding final size, orientation,  predominant hues and elements. As the  process continued, the consecutive progression of more accurate and complicated  drawings, would turn almost painful. Endless calculations and many layers of  tracing paper until all the pieces were finally put together. Once  background and foreground were in perfect balance, the final drawing will be  projected onto the previously chosen and prepared canvas. Even the smallest  details were taken in consideration, such as the creases of a tablecloth, the  flaking paint of a tired wall or the cast shadow of the morning sun.

The fun  will start again. Charlie possessed the unique skill in creating a totally  believable image yet it was incredible distorted. As with  the drawing stage, the background would be worked separately from the foreground  and it would be painted first. The intense mid day blue of a cloudless sky was  back breaking to produce, executed with several fine layers of oils. Equally  breath taking, were his rich orange and pink sunset skies. Sometimes his paintings could be perceived as a snap shot of a  busy, warm and lively evening in a most strange setting, combining elements and subjects from Northwest England and Southern  Spain. Other times it would be a solitary character looking straight  out of the painting, inviting the viewer inside Charlie's wonderful world.

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Charlie Shiels Artist